We think the first panic about 3D-printed guns was back in 2018, because CNN decided it was an important enough issue to hand an op-ed over to Alyssa Milano. (Dana Loesch took it apart in just two tweets.) A month later, the Palm Beach Post did an article on lethal 3D printed weapons, complete with a photo of a rubber-band gun.

The “just clicks away” refers to blueprints for 3D printed guns being available on the internet, and it’s something politicians have tried to undo. Sen. Bob Menendez is offering up the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act to make it illegal to post blueprints online.

Give up yet? We got it.

No, it really does say “I was 3D printed”:

As someone pointed out, Democrats like Menendez think that banning anything is a “win.”


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