Drew Wilder of NBC Washington is passing along a press release from the Leesburg Police Department reporting that police are “investigating several incidents involving propaganda fliers being distributed by individuals claiming to be Loyal Knights Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members.” A preliminary investigation revealed that “the fliers appear to contain propaganda material and were distributed due to topics discussed at the Loudon County School Board meetings.” What, the meetings the sheriff declared unlawful assemblies?

So, the Klan is getting involved in the critical race theory battle?

Good one.

We’ll see if Wilder’s investigation turns up any leads. Maybe ask the Klan if the fliers are legit?

Liam Griffin reports for Patch:

In a statement at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, [School Board Chair Brenda] Sheridan claimed that several school board members had received threats. “I’m deeply concerned about the rise in hateful messages and violent threats aimed at progressive members of the school board.” she said. “We recently saw KKK flyers in Fairfax, our own school board members are receiving graphic threats via email and voice mail.”

KKK propaganda flyers were recently discovered in Fairfax, promoting racism, antisemitism, and homophobia.

We’d quote from the fliers, but no one has reported on what they said.

Were they on Klan letterhead?

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Finally, a photo of one of the fliers: