There’s not much time left for the media to slobber over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, so any puff pieces need to go out now. Politico Magazine’s Ruby Cramer joined de Blasio on his afternoon walk (to which he’s chauffeured in his SUV) and talked to the outgoing mayor about life, the universe, and everything. He took Cramer to “a magical place” where you can’t see the city he’s helped destroy.

Pretty incredible.

Cramer writes:

On Thursday, Bill de Blasio’s city-issued black SUV pulls to the curb. “Can we go get a hot dog?” he asks his staff inside the darkened car. I stand waiting outside. The mayor, nearing his final months in office as the city decides who will replace him in City Hall, has agreed to show off his regular route, a private routine he’s guarded for himself the last year. “If I was doing my walk, I’d go get a hot dog and then go to the restroom,” he tells the staff. Five minutes later, de Blasio is out of the car with his press secretary, a scheduler and a single member of his security detail, all of whom fall back a perfect five paces behind.

“Once we get the hot dog,” he tells me, “I will then take you on the authentic route.”

The mayor does get his hot dog and there’s an incredible photo of him eating it.

“You turn away and everything is gone” sounds like a great governing strategy.