As we mentioned in a previous thread, the publisher of USA Today regretted its oversight in allowing Georgia governor and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams to go back and stealth-edit her op-ed when Major League Baseball’s boycott of the state didn’t fly with the public. She’d softened on her stance of the All-Star Game moving out of Atlanta over Georgia’s “restrictive” new voting law, and now that Democrats know they need Joe Manchin on their side, they’re softening on voter ID, too, with Abrams claiming that nobody ever opposed “having to prove who you are to vote.”

Here’s Drew Holden taking a look at the Washington Post’s new piece on Abrams’ “evolution” from “Jim Crow in a suit and tie” to, yeah, voter ID is OK.

“Democrats wanting to focus on the art of the possible.”

Fox News! Republicans pounce!

President Biden just last week tweeted the narrative that the new voting laws are Jim Crow, but Democrats are “softening.”

Shut up.