The leftist media has lined up and decided that critical race theory should be an essential component of public education, and that’s a good thing; it shows that Christopher Rufo has been successful in bringing the issue to the forefront and acting as a clearinghouse for whistleblowers stuck in three-day reeducation camps about undoing white culture. In June alone, The Intercept, the Washington Post, the Washington Post (again), MSNBC’s Joy Reid, NBC News, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, Vanity Fair, and more have written or talked about critical race theory being the ultraconservative bogeyman and a cog in the “moral panic machine.” How dare those dimwitted parents “storm” school board meetings and air their concerns.

Rufo has been cast as the villain in many of these pieces and segments, and now he’s providing New York magazine with a quote they can use in their piece about him and critical race theory.

Rufo’s taking his own advice and referring to CRT in schools as “state-sanctioned racism,” and that’s the problem: he’s changing the discourse.