Even the news media started putting pressure on President Biden to hold a press conference after he’d set a record for being in office the longest without giving one in the past hundred years. “We aren’t here just to satisfy the media,” Rep. James Clyburn explained, adding that the Democrats were busy doing other things. Jen Psaki told the White House press corps to sit tight and blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the delay.

Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi noted Thursday that it’s been 77 days since that first and only press conference and wondered if it was important. It certainly is unusual.

Farhi did correct himself; Biden has done TV interviews.

As usual, all of the Biden sycophants are responding that Psaki gives a press briefing every day, and shouldn’t that be enough?

It is. They’ll take what they get and they’ll like it.

The consensus seems to be that no one cares because Biden is so busy working to clean up the mess left by the last guy. But if they’re such fans of Biden, wouldn’t they want him to hold press conferences? We sure he could find the time.