It was just this Monday when PBS News’s Yamiche Alcindor asked National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about President Biden’s upcoming trip to Europe. “Can you talk a bit about how President Biden plans to convince our European allies that former President Trump was an anomaly?” she asked, adding, “Is there concern that those scars are gonna be deeper than his ability to address them?”

Now it’s Thursday, and Alcindor is appearing as a guest on Nicolle Wallace’s show on MSNBC, and she’s still going on about those deep scars left by Trump on our “traumatized” European allies. Experts tell her that it “might take several election cycles” before Europeans feel safe with America again.

Is it just us, or didn’t Biden just throw Ukraine and several other Eastern European allies under the bus by giving the OK to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

We have a feeling Alcindor might not be happy with the next election cycle.