OK, we’re not sure where we stand on this now. On Joe Scarborough’s show on Tuesday morning, New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay said that she was on Long Island over the weekend and saw “dozens of American flags,” which she said was “just disturbing.” That evening, the New York Times’ public relations department tweeted that Gay’s remarks were being taken “irresponsibly out of context.” As the Times tells it, “Her argument was that Trump and many of his supporters have politicized the American flag.”

What is Gay’s point, then? That displaying the American flag has become “politicized,” and flying the flag is now a Republican thing? Do Trump supporters think they’re patriotic or something? What about the photos people posted of people flying both Biden campaign flags and the American flag? Were those triggering?

On Wednesday, Gay said that she was being trolled with the American flag, and as a black journalist, that’s not the own people think it is.

She’s not just any U.S. citizen … she’s a black journalist.

Yeah, she’s the same person who thought with the $500 million he spent on his campaign, Michael Bloomberg could have given every American $1 million dollars.

Final point:

And now they have to keep updating the rainbow flag because it’s not inclusive enough.