As Twitchy reported, the crusade against critical race theory in schools gained enough momentum that PolitiFact decided it was time for a fact-check, which you’d think would result in a “true” or “false” rating. Instead, PolitiFact took a “Republicans pounce” approach, focusing on the opposition to it without ever really defining what it is.

We also reported that there were shockwaves when a Hollywood bigwig was found to have written in emails that Black Lives Matter co-founder and real estate magnate Patrice Cullors is a “self-described ‘trained Marxist.'” She is. She’s on video saying it; that’s why he said “self-described.”

Christopher Rufo has done great work on the Marxist underpinnings of critical race theory, which focuses on the oppressor class vs. the oppressed in terms of race, although it by no means leaves out class. And so teachers have kids rank themselves by their level of oppressed status.

It’s no surprise that a college professor is both pro-critical race theory and a Marxist, but it’s nice to hear it said out loud (gotta love those Zoom calls). Libby Emmons writes for The Post Millennial that a professor at Villanova spilled the beans this time:

Emmons reports:

Critical race theorist and assistant professor of sociology at Villanova Glenn Bracey spoke to a seminar on Zoom about the Marxist foundations of critical race theory, which has been sweeping through American universities and institutions. He says outright that “critical race theory is grounded in Marxism.”

“The Marxist foundation of critical race theory is, at base, a spiritual concern,” Bracey said. “It’s a look at how law … motivates racialized performance at work, it limits our practicable rights in terms of reproduction, and immigration and education, and activism which is a very big deal today.”

But parents opposed to critical race theory in schools are just racists, according to Joy Reid.

Sociology classes at Villanova aren’t cheap, either.