President Trump had a lot of irons in the fire at the end of his term. He tried to root critical race theory and antiracism (under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion) out of government institutions. He wanted to create a 1776 Project to counter the 1619 Project and reintroduce civic pride into education. And in December of 2020, he issued an executive order that federal buildings should adhere to neoclassical architecture; he wanted government spaces to be “beautiful” again and not blocks of poured concrete.

Now we’re learning that President Biden is purging the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts of the people who helped craft that “controversial” executive order. Do journalists like those for NPR have a keyboard macro for “controversial” so they can just whip it in anywhere?

Ah, the Art Newspaper gets right to the fact that they’re all white males. Oh, and the order was controversial.

We’d add more comments, but the people who follow NPR and the like are convinced “neoclassical” was just code for “Nazi,” and Biden is purging the commission of racists. Most Brutalist, Soviet-style buildings, everyone!