Last week, the Washington Post reported that CNN’s Chris Cuomo took part in strategy calls advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations. It was bad enough that the CNN anchor gave his brother the kid-glove treatment while allegedly reporting on his Emmy-winning response to the coronavirus pandemic that was killing thousands of nursing home residents. But even Fox News aficionado Oliver Darcy had to admit this was a violation of journalistic standards.

Gov. Cuomo was asked about the strategy calls during a press conference Monday and responded that lots of journalists give him help and advice.

Caleb Howe reports:

“I had conversations with my brother. I always have conversations with my brother because he’s my brother and he’s my best friend,” said the governor of the planning session conference calls with his staff and other advisors in which Chris Cuomo participated and offered his professional advice and journalistic insight.

But that dancing wasn’t the strange part of his defense. It was when the governor curiously asserted: “I talk to journalists about situations all the time and they tell me their thoughts and their advice.”

Which journalists are giving him advice?