As Twitchy reported earlier, Dana Loesch took apart White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s argument that the rise in crime across the nation can be blamed on a lack of gun control (and also the lifting of COVID restrictions — violent criminals don’t have to wear masks anymore). Andrew Sullivan was watching the same clip, and he had another interesting takeaway: note how Psaki consistently refers to crime as “local violence” or “community violence.”

This actually reminds us of things like the Black Lives Matter movement, which argues that it’s a characteristic of “whiteness” to emphasize the individual over the community. They want to defund the police and trust their defense to “community policing.”

Everything sounds more progressive when you put “community” in front of it.

They certainly don’t talk much about the crime bill that Joe Biden authored.

Yep … you could almost say it’s “systemic” and that the whole system has to be torn down and rebuilt.

Don’t believe for a minute that there’s not a reason the administration is now using terms like “community violence.”