Thanks to our sister-site Townhall for catching this gem following President Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress. You might remember that CNN reported the day after Biden’s inauguration that Biden and his advisers were “inheriting no coronavirus vaccine distribution plan to speak of from the Trump administration,” and would “have to build everything from scratch.” Funny, considering that vaccinations were already on track to meet Biden’s 100-day goal of getting 100 million Americans vaccinated — a low bar he knew he could clear.

As much as Biden spoke about vaccinations — it’s a popular issue for him — CNN political analyst Gloria Borger told a panel after the speech that “everybody understands that Operation Warp Speed happened under Joe Biden.”

OK, so she did issue a correction eventually.

You know who was responsible for getting that televised vaccination into Biden’s arm? President Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

That could be true.

Like when a mainstream news outlet issues a correction tweet after the initial lie has gone viral on social media.

OK, we’ll just assume she misspoke — but it’s telling that she had to correct herself.