The main requests for Twitter a couple of years back were for 1) an edit button and 2) Twitter to kick all the Nazis off of the platform. Then Gab popped up as a free-speech alternative to Twitter, and everyone claimed that all the Nazis migrated there. The same thing happened with Parler, which Amazon kicked off its hosting platform after the storming of the Capitol, claiming insurgents had planned the attack there.

Parler is back and ready to return to the app stores from which it was pulled, and ABC News is reporting that some media advocates are worried right-wing extremist groups might use Parler to recruit individuals into other fringe platforms like Telegram. (Remember our warnings about whenever a journalist uses the word “some” — it’s almost always one left-wing professor.)

ABC News reports:

With larger platforms like Twitter and Facebook struggling with moderation issues, Fadi Quran of the nonprofit advocacy group Avaaz, which says it seeks to protect democracies from misinformation, said it is unclear how effectively Parler will practice content moderation.

“Parler has become a haven for online actors seeking to spread hate, incite violence, and push disinformation,” Quran said. “And those individuals will certainly seek to leverage the platform to cause harm and recruit users to other fringe messaging boards, where they may organize violence.”

Sounds like we need to take Parler back down. Facebook is cool, though, even though it played a much larger role in the organization of the January 6 riots than Parler did.

Social media advocates advocating for fewer social media sites.

Yep. Just call everyone to the right of President Biden a “right-wing extremist” or even a possible recruit for right-wing extremist groups and use that as your excuse to silence them.


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