A lot of people wondered if the Biden-Harris administration (as they’ve asked to be called) would essentially be Barack Obama’s third term, and it’s looking more and more that way. Obama dragged nuns to the Supreme Court because they refused to include abortifacients in their health care coverage because it conflicted with their religious beliefs. Now President Biden has filed an appeal to keep in place a mandate that doctors and hospitals provide gender transition surgeries regardless of their conscientious beliefs.

Luke Goodrich is with the legal group Becket, which is representing Catholic doctors and hospitals in their case against the “transgender mandate.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Advocates consider puberty blockers “life-saving” because they can prevent suicides among transgender youth.

Candidate Joe Biden made it clear during the campaign that he had “no room for compromise” on transgender rights.

He’s still tied up with lawsuits because he won’t relent.


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