President-elect Joe Biden made his goals for the first 100 days of his administration pretty clear both in speeches and in tweets. He said 100 million Americans would be vaccinated, which we were already on track to do, and he said he wanted schools open, although the definition of “open” is pretty lenient.

He also said he’d require masks on federal property and asked Americans to wear masks “just for 100 days.” Here’s video of him saying directly to the American people, “Mask up for 100 days once we take office.”


We’re not sure where science suggested masks wouldn’t be needed after his 100th day in office, and it looks like some reporters haven’t forgotten his request.

If he follows the science, then the science back in December must have told him 100 more days of mask-wearing would defeat the virus.


Remember? He was going to shut down the virus, not the country.