A conservative — Katie Pavich of Twitchy sister-site Townhall — said something negative about the Biden-Harris administration, so PolitiFact has sprung into action to prove her wrong. It seems Pavlich said on Fox News on April 1 that the Biden-Harris administration is enabling human trafficking at the border with its policies.

It seems Pavlich was responding to that Border Patrol video that showed two smugglers dropping two young girls, ages 3 and 5, over a 14-foot border wall miles from the nearest residence and then taking off back into Mexico. “Unfortunately,” Pavlich said, “those little girls getting dropped over the fence is probably the least horrific thing that happened to them when they were being smuggled.”

PolitiFact says it’s false that the Biden-Harris administration is enabling human trafficking, and their reasoning is this: “Human trafficking and migrant smuggling describe different activities and are not interchangeable.” According to experts, the video of the two toddlers was an example of migrant smuggling, not human trafficking. So, false.

It’s true; for $100, you too can enjoy a private (virtual) session with CNN’s Brian Stelter at Poynter’s “celebration of facts.” (Poynter runs PolitiFact.)

We’d agree. Engaging in, maybe not. But enabling? Most definitely.

Are we up to 20,000 yet? Will the mainstream news networks keep a running tally like they used to do with COVID deaths?

Seriously: “The biggest problem with Pavlich’s claim about human trafficking is that ‘she’s alleging human trafficking when she’s talking about migrant smuggling,’ [Guadalupe] Correa-Cabrera said. That’s the fact check.