At first, we thought this might be Christopher Rufo’s Stop Critical Race Theory coalition of law firms and legal foundations with the explicit goal of fighting critical race theory in the courts. It’s not, though; this is an entirely new group introducing itself, and its focus is on education.

That’s strong.

Remember when an economics professor at the University of Michigan tallied up the salaries of the school’s approximately 100-strong diversity staff and came up with $11 million a year — enough to pay the tuition of 765 students. And now the grifters are moving into the public schools and getting the taxpayers to pay for it.

We’ve done a few stories where whistleblowers have come forward, but do you know if your own school district has paid for “anti-racism” training of its faculty? And if you’ve brought up the issue at a school board meeting, have you been put on a list to be silenced?


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