We saw this story Wednesday night but weren’t going to write about it, but now we see that Twitter has decided it should lead their news section, so it must be important. According to some tweets we saw, it was “all over right-wing social media” Wednesday that a video of President Biden talking to reporters was faked, perhaps using a green screen and CGI — at one point it appears that you can see Biden’s hand through a microphone. We know that Biden will go a long way to avoid talking to the press, but c’mon, man.

Thank goodness for those fact-checkers, huh? Here’s the video in question:

Apparently, there was an “explosion” of conspiracy theories.

Here’s Alex Kaplan, senior researcher at Media Matters for America:

Our question: Where were all of these expert fact-checkers every time there was an explosion of conspiracy theories that Melania Trump was actually a body double? The New York Daily News even covered “The View” covering it, citing Joy Behar’s theory that the Melania she saw had “a different-shaped face.”