First things first: Is it just a typo or did the Associated Press mean to refer to “Prince Harry Meghan”? Because he does seem to have been subsumed into her being.

Second, always question a headline that reads “some say,” because then you’ll read the piece and it’ll be one professor who makes the same claim no matter what the situation. In either case, Meghan Markle’s claims of racism in the royal family were painfully familiar for “Black women around the globe.” That’s … quite a claim.

OK, we’re being 100 percent honest now: We just opened up the article, and who does “some say” turn out to be? Gaye Theresa Johnson, associate professor in the Department of African American Studies at UCLA. Called that one from a mile away.

Johnson said the doubts and questioning cast against Meghan’s claims were emotionally wrenching for many Black women, who may relate to the trauma of having their personal experiences with racism invalidated by others.

“It’s an insult when people are incredulous about the racism people like Meghan Markle experienced because that incredulity speaks volumes about what people refuse to see, what is right in front of their eyes all the time and that some people have to navigate daily,” she said.

We’d bet a lot of black women around the globe would trade what they have to navigate Markle’s daily routine.

See? Denials and gaslighting.

Don’t you dare “attack” Markle or Chris Cuomo will call you a “righty mouth” and it would serve you right.