Three years ago, Sarah Jeong proved that at Asian-American could ascend to the New York Times editorial board despite a history of tweets wanting to cancel “dumba** f**king white people.” Now Condé Nast, publisher of anal sex instruction manual Teen Vogue, says it’s standing by its new editor-in-chief, who has a history of mocking Asians on social media.

Oh, and by the way? That new editor-in-chief is Alexi McCammond, who was in a romantic relationship with President Biden’s former deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo, who threatened to “destroy” a Politico reporter for reporting on his relationship with her.

Max Tani reports:

But the tipping point for concerned staffers appeared to be the old tweets, posted in 2011 by a college-aged McCammond and recirculated over the weekend, in which she deployed racist stereotypes about Asian people.

“Now googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes…” she wrote in one of the tweets. “Give me a 2/10 on my chem problem, cross out all of my work and don’t explain what i did wrong…thanks a lot stupid asian T.A. you’re great,” read another social-media post.

Don’t worry, though; McCammond says she’s deleted the tweets and is “determined to use the lessons I’ve learned as a journalist to advocate for a more diverse and equitable world.” Must be nice being a liberal.

Yeah, she’s 27, which makes Ben Rhodes’ statement come to mind: “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old … They literally know nothing.”

Who looked up Sen. Josh Hawley’s prom date and middle school principal? And no, it wasn’t someone at Teen Vogue who pulled her tweets.

The Left has been assuring us on the Right that cancel culture isn’t a real thing.


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