OK, we expected some sappy takes on Valentine’s Day, but Politico decided to consult the experts on Joe and Jill Biden’s public displays of affection and reflect on how they’re restorative to a nation that’s yearning to get back to normal.

“After four years of the Trumps” … Donald Trump is like crack to these people.

So, what do the historians and relationship experts say?

Dr. Lara Brown, director of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University, described the Trumps as “famously cool,” citing the several times the former first lady appeared to yank her hand away from her husband in public.

The Bidens, by contrast, “want very much to help the country back from what I think the Trump administration continually conveyed,” Brown said, “which was that relationships and all of the presidency is transactional rather than transformational.”

A president’s bearing and rhetoric are “like the background music to the country,” Brown argued — and PDA can be a key part of that soundtrack.

What’s funny is the article also states that their interactions are representative of “the new president’s self-proclaimed ‘tactile’ style of interpersonal communication” — a style so tactile that Biden couldn’t kick off his presidential campaign without first posting a video declaring that he’d learned about respecting personal space.

No kidding.