We’re not sure why these two pieces popped up on the same day; there was a rumor that they were going to make “Harry Potter” into a TV series. In any case, writers at Vox and IGN (a site that primarily covers videogames) decided it was time to wring their hands over what “Harry Potter” fans should do, ever since author J.K. Rowling made those transphobic remarks and was canceled.

Joshua Yehl writes for IGN:

While hints of Rowling’s anti-trans views have been popping up for years, the author made headlines in December 2019 when she was criticized for supporting anti-trans researcher Maya Forstater on social media and then again in June 2020 when she faced public backlash for going on transphobic rants on Twitter and publishing an essay full of harmful statements and unsubstantiated claims about trans people (that have since been debunked by experts). Rowling’s series of anti-trans statements have seen her labeled as a TERF, otherwise known as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. The term is used to describe a small but vocal group of people that consider themselves to be feminists despite refusing to acknowledge that trans women are women or trans men are men, not supporting the validity of non-binary identities, excluding trans people from gendered spaces, and opposing legislation benefitting transgender rights.

We’ve seen videos on Twitter of people burning their “Harry Potter” books, so if that’s how they want to process their anger and disappointment, feel free. We’ve yet to see any conclusive evidence that Rowling is transphobic.

Looks like J.K. Rowling had to be re-canceled, or it was just a slow news week.