A woman with a huge following of new and expectant parents on Instagram has been found to have donated to the Trump campaign, and Vox is on it:

Rebecca Jennings reports:

Now imagine that the disappointing influencer had not only impacted your style or home decor but some of the most intimate decisions of your life, someone who you’d turned to for advice on motherhood, pregnancy, or postpartum depression. That’s what happened to thousands of moms on the internet last week when baby sleep expert Cara Dumaplin, known by her (admittedly brilliant) nom de plume Taking Cara Babies and her Instagram account of more than 1.3 million followers, was revealed to have donated multiple times to the Trump campaign.

Check out screenwriter and author Bess Kalb:

For the many new parents who’d paid to take her online sleep courses, which range from $179 to $319, the Trump donation news came as devastating. “We put our trust in her when we were at our lowest and vulnerable,” says Katelyn Esmonde, a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins and mother to a 12-week-old.

These are parents? As in grown-ups?

We’re old enough to remember raising children without Instagram.


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