Vice President Kamala Harris’s rise to power is an interesting story, especially she was picked by President Biden (or his handlers) after Democratic voters soundly rejected her own bid for the presidency and sent her packing before the Iowa caucuses. But Biden had already locked himself into picking a woman as a running mate, preferably one of color. That narrowed the field quite a bit, and Harris fit the bill.

As if we hadn’t heard enough already about Harris and her life (like the time she demanded “Fweedom!”), the Los Angeles Times is now announcing a beat dedicated exclusively to Harris, called “Covering Kamala Harris.” We kind of wish they’d hired someone who knew how to paint Kamala Harris so it didn’t look like her neck was broken:

And is the Los Angeles Times getting ahead of itself covering Harris’s “historic rise to the White House”? We mean, the vice president has her own residence. She is still vice president, right?