We’re old enough to remember when all the mainstream media outlets that had initially reported on the Wuhan virus decided that was racist. President Trump decided to poke the bear and started calling it the China virus almost exclusively, which led to a petulant Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare it the Europe virus last August. To members of the Resistance, though, it was always the Trump virus.

Fortunately, there’s a treatment being rolled out for the Trump virus, and the New York Post is calling it the Biden vaccine.

To be fair, we read the story thinking that Mayor Bill de Blasio had called it the Biden COVID vaccine, but that appears to be entirely on the New York Post’s headline writer. It must be a relief to Cuomo and Vice President Kamala Harris, both of whom were wary of any vaccine developed under the Trump administration, to know that they’re now distributing the Biden vaccine.

And he’s taking one this weekend.

We’re certain the Biden vaccine is 100 percent safe.