There were few people more loyal to President Trump than Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, and few who worked harder for Trump’s re-election. Joe Biden is president now, and we’re not certain — are we all supposed to append #Resist and #NotMyPresident hashtags to every tweet? Christ must be working harder in Grenell’s heart this Inauguration Day than it is in ours because Grenell is calling for conservatives not to do to the Biden administration what liberals did to the Trump administration for four years.

Grenell is an easy sell for higher office, but wanting Biden to succeed in making our great country “stronger?” The people who voted for Biden complained that Trump had lifted “America First” from the Nazis — we’re not sure which of Biden’s policies is supposed to make America stronger, but we’ll follow Grenell’s lead and congratulate Biden and wish him the best … or not.

Largely because they had the full backing of the mainstream media as well as the social media platforms.

We will never, ever, get tired of that GIF.

Wow, we really had to dig to find anyone in agreement.