The Biden administration complained that it didn’t get much help from President Trump during the transition period, but whoever’s running the government’s websites and social media accounts now is certainly on the ball. As Twitchy reported, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel briefly became the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Wednesday before the title was changed back without explanation.

People are poking around the White House website now, and GLAAD was happy to see that the contact form for the White House now asks for your pronouns, although they don’t get into “zhe” territory: You can pick she, he, they, “other,” or go without one.

Plus, probably as a courtesy to first lady Jill Biden, you can pick the prefix “Dr.,” or if you’re really on the cutting edge, “Mx.”

No one asked for it, but they’re thrilled to death to have it. Well, most people in the comments are.

To be honest, he’s right: What better way to “otherize” someone than to make them select “Other”? Just make it a text box and let everyone enter whatever they want.

You should let them know via the contact form.

You have to ask? It was 2018 when the powers that be introduced International Pronouns Day.