As you know if you’ve been reading this site, CNN’s Jake Tapper has really become sanctimonious ever since President Trump’s defeat at the polls, and he’s not letting any members of Congress who questioned the election result off the hook, questioning one’s commitment to democracy here at home even when he’d lost both legs fighting for democracy abroad. Tapper’s been making up some straw men to make his points:

Ever since that tweet we’ve been asking in a few posts, “Is this gasoline?” Was it gasoline when Rep. Eric Swalwell went on PBS to compare Trump to Osama bin Laden? Was it gasoline when the Washington Post falsely reported that Jacob Blake was unarmed when he was shot by a police officer?

Richard Grenell recognizes gasoline on a fire when he sees it:

Columnist Max Boot wants President Biden to “reinvigorate” the FCC to maybe get some of those problematic channels off the air or at least show the “sedition” coming from them.

It’s almost as if they know they’re safe under one party’s rule.