As a candidate, Joe Biden kept his COVID-19 response plan a bit of a secret, but after the election, he revealed his three key goals to fight the coronavirus during his first 100 days in office: masking, vaccinations, and opening schools. Nevermind that most of us have been wearing masks since last Spring; on Inauguration Day, he going to ask Americans to wear masks for just 100 days.

As far as vaccinations, he’s looking to innoculate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days, which shouldn’t be a problem, since we’re on track to do that easily. Our darkest days are still ahead of us, though, he warned last month.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who flamed out trying for Biden’s new gig, is glad to know that in two days we’ll finally have a president with a COVID-19 response plan.

Somehow we don’t see that narrative catching on in the mainstream media.

That’s one thing Biden’s going to do that we hadn’t thought of: dump the name “Operation Warp Speed” and call it something else.

Can Biden pass an executive order to make Gov. Andrew Cuomo give the vaccine to the elderly already? It’s not President Trump’s fault governors have fallen down on the job.