By now you’ve heard about the gnashing and wailing over Ben Shapiro authoring Thursday’s Politico Playbook, so much so that reportedly upwards of 225 people are on a Zoom call with Politico’s editor-in-chief to have their concerns validated; “People are very mad,” reports Erik Wemple.

We’re hearing nothing but hot takes about Shapiro’s guest stint, mostly from writers from other outlets. Hunter Walker, White House correspondent for Yahoo News, notes that Shapiro’s Playbook went up just a day after he claimed, after two people who had flex-cuff restraints at the Capitol were arrested by the FBI, that everybody has zip-ties at home. He and many others made that claim after a New York Times editor tweeted (and deleted) her question, “Do regular humans actually buy zip-ties?”

Once again, this is who Yahoo News sends to the White House briefing room. No, Shapiro wasn’t trying to minimize the Capitol riots; he, along with a lot of others, was dunking on a Times editor for not knowing what zip-ties are. Look, even fellow alt-right media personality Dave Rubin has zip-ties.

Quick, whichever hosting company hosts, drop them immediately. They pose a threat.

But wait, there’s more! Daily Beast contributing editor Justin Baragona is looking forward to Republicans pouncing.

Yep … they’ll make this into a week-long story.

No doubt.