Let’s see … who was it who watched the rioters at the U.S. Capitol Building and placed the blame on “everyone who worked in Republican party politics the last four years“? Even just at the local level? Why, it was MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. As Twitchy just reported, CNN’s Jake Tapper is whining about the (false) absence of “one ounce of regret or contrition” for the riots, when the Left isn’t interested in regret, or contrition, or unity, for that matter; Chris Hayes probably said it earliest with his comment about establishing “some kind of truth and reconciliation commission” as the most “humane” way to “deal with all these people.”

Now Hayes is for some reason looking at a photo of President Trump with Justice Amy Coney Barrett and wondering if she has a picture with him framed in her house somewhere.

OK, we’re going to skip forward quite a ways past the part where Hayes accuses Coney Barrett of “making a deal with this wretched man.”

We’d say watch Chris Hayes — well, don’t actually watch his shows — but keep an eye on him for seemingly peculiar tweets that become more real during the next administration. He was serious about that truth and reconciliation commission.