Forget for a moment that Antifa is just an idea and pretend it’s a real thing that helped Portland, Oregon, ring in the new year with a riot that was a “pre-announced night of violence.” Even Mayor Ted Wheeler, Antifa’s biggest enabler, called for more to be done in a New Year’s press conference after efforts to de-escalate and compromise with Antifa have failed to yield results.

On the heels of that riot, Axios is noting that President Trump has encouraged supporters to attend a big protest rally at the inauguration and concluding that Washington, D.C., is poised to become a hotbed for violent protests between “far-right extremists” and “counter-protesters.”

Huh. The last time we remember Trump supporters gathering in Washington for the “Million MAGA March” in November, those “counter-protesters” were assaulting them during the day and then harassing them as they went back to their hotels, shining lasers into hotel windows and chucking fireworks into outdoor cafés where they were dining.

Just a note that Antifa is not obligated to show up at every gathering of Trump supporters so they can fulfill their mission statement of “punching Nazis.” If there’s any violence, it’s because they showed up in search of violence.