“The Clowning of America” author Orwell Goode has a must-follow Twitter feed highlighting some of the most outrageous news stories that actually were published in mainstream outlets. Whereas master satirist Titania McGrath manages to predict the future with the most woke takes imaginable, Goode tracks down wokeness in the here-and-now. To round out 2020, Goode has compiled 50 of the most clownish news stories of the year in one epic thread. Yes, all of these are real.

“Did you know the Nazis were obsessed with ‘health guidelines’?”

Singer Adele also upset a lot of fans when she lost weight and revealed her slim new body.

Hey, Twitchy sister-site Hot Air!

And to think that doesn’t even come close to covering it. We’d like to say 2021 will seem less like a parody of real life, but we’re not counting on it.