One of the words thrown around a lot in 2020 was “incel,” short for involuntary celibate. These were straight guys who were angry and sometimes turned that anger into action because there weren’t any nice girls to pay them attention. “Joker” very unfairly was branded as a film for incels, with one blue-check noting that even though the film received 11 Oscar nominations, incels were still going to spend the night screaming into their XBoxes because “girls don’t want nice guys.”

Here’s a guy who’s wondering if there isn’t some way that society could get involved in helping the lonely:

Fortunately for him, Cathy Reisenwitz, CEO of Sex and the State, suggested some ideas that were free from any right-wing pollution.

There you go; volunteer with low-income sex workers who aren’t receiving universal basic income like they should.

We still don’t get what “clearing non-dischargeable member duties means.