Now that the Justice Department has apparently passed the point where its policy of not conducting “overt” actions that could influence an election has passed, the news is out that Hunter Biden and his tax affairs have been under investigation since 2018. Sen. Tom Cotton isn’t waiting around for a Biden administration to call for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

The Hill reports:

Cotton alleged during a Fox News interview that Hunter Biden appears to be the subject of a far-ranging investigation and cited allegations of securities fraud, money laundering and “a crooked hospital deal with Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother” in Western Pennsylvania.

“These investigations span multiple jurisdictions and if Joe Biden becomes president then all of those prosecutors are in line to be fired next month. If there were ever circumstances that created a conflict of interest and called for a special counsel, I think those circumstances are present here,” Cotton said.

“The Biden family has been trading on Joe Biden’s public office for fifty years,” he added. “Do we really think that that will change if Joe Biden becomes president, the highest office in the land?”

How about that reporting? Cotton “alleged” that Biden “appears to be the subject of a far-ranging investigation.” Hunter Biden himself confirmed the existence of the investigation in his statement to the press Wednesday.

Yep, the precedent has been set. And speaking of precedent, Donald Trump Jr. says there’s a thousand times more evidence that the Bidens are compromised by China than there ever was of President Trump being compromised by Russia.

How does anyone out there feel about a special counsel investigation?

Solid point.