Here’s a hot take on the 2020 election. It turns out that the COVID-19 pandemic may have helped the Trump campaign “reach more masculine men.” If only there were more masculine men out there, we wouldn’t be hearing Joe Biden speak from his Office of the President-Elect right now.

That compelled actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who considered the 2020 election an “existential threat” to himself and his family, to tweet that “traditional masculinity is a disease.” Wow, we knew toxic masculinity was bad, but traditional masculinity? Are they the same thing?

If you can’t picture Nanjiani, he’s the one on the left posing for the Hollywood Reporter’s story on the “Triumph of the Beta Male.”

Oh yeah, according to a magazine called — Men’s Health — he’s gotten “fully ripped” to play a superhero in a new Marvel movie:

We hope there’s no punching or violence or conflict.

Can’t wait for the Kumail Nanjiani “action” figure from “The Eternals.” Wonder what it does?