We already know what hypocrites politicians are when it comes to their own lockdown rules, and we’ve seen footage of reporters in the White House briefing room removing their masks the moment they thought the cameras had stopped rolling. The trick, you see, is to wear the mask while the press has its cameras rolling and then take it off the moment the coast is clear.

CNN’s Kate Bennett has a different take, though. She reports that first lady Melania Trump didn’t wear a mask while walking past reporters on her way to Marine One, but slipped on a mask once she’d boarded. Is it just us or does it make sense for her to wear the mask while in an enclosed space and not while walking outdoors away from other people? Or was she supposed to be wearing a mask as a role model? We don’t know what the angle is here:

She was, you know, walking outdoors.

OK, thanks for spelling it out. What would we do without CNN?

Now we have members of the press being mask scolds. What should we think whenever we see Joe Biden without a mask on?