OK, so what are all of those Never Trumpers who voted for Joe Biden and a straight Democratic ticket going to do now that it looks like President Trump won’t be president anymore after Inauguration Day? They left the party because Trump shattered so many norms, so will they be returning now to fight the Democrats’ agenda? Count out MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough; Mediaite reports that Scarborough doesn’t see any way he can return.

Scarborough apparently broke the news in an interview with The Bulwark’s Tim Miller:

During an interview with former Jeb Bush campaign official Tim Miller Monday morning, Joe Scarborough revealed that he has no intention of returning to his former political affiliation, the Republican party, after President Donald Trump leaves office.

“How could I go back to the party that remained silent while Donald Trump was pressuring his attorney general to arrest his opponent or who claimed that Article 2 gave him unlimited power, or ran up the biggest deficits, the biggest debt, the biggest budgets in the history of this constitutional republic?” Scarborough asked rhetorically.

How could he return to the GOP after it stood silent while Trump had his way?

Good point.