Greg Sargent, who writes the Plum Line blog for the Washington Post, must have thought this was pretty clever to have tweeted it, but all it really displays is just how out of touch the mainstream media is with real-life conservatives. When President Trump and his supporters say they want every legal ballot counted, that’s what they mean.

Scott Adams had a great tweet Tuesday about the sort of mind games the mainstream media and social media are playing when it comes to election fraud, which they assure us doesn’t exist.

And he’s right; journalists say it in fancier terms, but yes, you’re a bad person if you think there were any voting irregularities, and they’ll let you know it.

Anyway, here’s Sargent with his hot take:

“Republicans say.”

No, you won’t accept the results, you’ll add #Resist to every tweet and scream at the sky as you set fire to cars on Inauguration Day.

Like Adams says, we’re being brainwashed to think if we even suggest there was some voter fraud then we’re bad people. Were there enough “irregularities” to flip the election? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen and shouldn’t be investigated.