It’s one thing to argue that there were voting irregularities (i.e., fraud) in the 2020 election, but we’ve been rather horrified at how much more social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on “misinformation” in the aftermath of the election — and add cable news to that equation. You can’t question the integrity of the election. Why not? You just can’t. President Trump held a press conference to lay out what he saw as examples of voter fraud and CNN and others cut away from the president’s “lie after lie after lie.”

Women First for America is planning a March for Trump, but event management and ticketing site Eventbrite has delisted its event, citing its policy of not permitting “events, content, or creators that share or promote potentially harmful information.” At least that was the email sent out by “Eventbrite Trust and Safety.”

“Misinformation” seems to be the catch-all excuse for censorship. As Twitchy reported earlier today, New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose was amazed Facebook would allow “misinformation” like stories about Attorney General William Barr authorizing the Justice Department to look into voting irregularities … something that’s 100 percent true.


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