Remember all the times progressives were like, “YAAAS KWEEN” whenever Kamala Harris told Vice President Mike Pence, “I’m talking” during their debate? That’s the kind of feminist empowerment that led to things like Sen. Elizabeth Warren inspiring Chelsea Clinton to write a children’s book called, “She Persisted.”

So what was going on Thursday night, while George Stephanopoulos was lobbing softballs at Joe Biden? Town hall host (or debate opponent, depending on how you look at it) Savannah Guthrie was interrupting President Trump so many times that Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott put together a supercut of her cutting him off. And The Hill’s Joe Concha counted that only 10 townspeople got to ask the president a question, while Guthrie managed to work in 43 questions.

Elliott is back with this clip from MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, in which she talks about the president’s routine debasement of women, and her panelists agree that Trump “bullied” Guthrie during the debate — um, town hall.

Guthrie was the one doing the bullying, plain and simple.