Deadspin, like the rest of Gawker’s children, doesn’t skimp on click-bait headlines, so it’s not out of the ordinary for them to call ESPN’s Adam Schefter “a vacuous turd who embodies white male privilege.”

The author of the piece admits that she too is a privileged white person, but she really took offense at this tweet from Schefter. Seriously, this is what set her off:

Julie DeCaro writes:

This is a poor attempt at humor during a good year, and a “fuck you” to every non-white person who has been and continues to be deeply affected by the actions and policies of Donald Trump in 2020. While the President continues to refuse to disavow white supremacy (shoutout to Jemele Hill, who was light years ahead of the rest of America on this one), while COVID continues to ravage Black and brown communities at two and a half times more than white ones, while people wait in line to vote for upwards of 11 hours in Marietta, Ga., this is the joke Adam Schefter decided to make.

We thought it was a pretty good attempt at humor during an election year … must be the white privilege talking.

Don’t even attempt at joking about anything until after Joe Biden’s elected, OK? Then we can all celebrate by rioting (more).