Officials in California are asking citizens voting by mail not to try to sanitize their ballots, either by spraying them with disinfectant or even microwaving them.

Hannah Sparks reports for the New York Post:

“Voters do not have to worry about contracting COVID from their mail-in ballots,” said Courtney Bailey-Kanelos, registrar of voters in Sacramento County.

Their announcement comes after the registrar’s office claimed to have received at least 100 ballots that were evidently damaged by attempts at disinfecting the paper, through what officials presume to be an alcohol-based sanitizing spray, according to a KCRA news report.

And at least one ballot showed signs that it had been microwaved, they claimed.

The concern is that taking these measures will make the ballots unreadable by the machines, which really isn’t a concern we share.

And Democrats and the media freaked out when President Trump said not to let the coronavirus dominate your life.

We’re old enough to get that reference.