Literally, for years now, we’ve been covering hot takes about what happens if President Trump loses but refuses to accept the result of the election. Trump refusing to leave the Oval Office has been covered by CNN and CBS News a couple of times. Just as the media keeps asking why Trump won’t denounce white supremacy after having already done it over and over — on camera — they keep asking if he’ll respect the results of the election. And after the coup attempt by members of the previous administration, they still seem surprised that he’s not anxious to promise he’ll peacefully transition to a Biden administration while mail-in ballots are still being harvested.

Earlier Saturday in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden seemed to suggest he wouldn’t accept defeat, because the only way he could lose is through “chicanery” going on at the polls.

So is Biden going to concede knowing there’s been vote-tampering that kept him from winning?

Funny he says all Americans have to do is “show up and vote” while pushing mail-in ballots so hard.