Earlier, Twitchy shared an excellent thread by Ben Shapiro detailing 24 specific questions he hopes Vice President Pence presses Sen. Kamala Harris on in Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate. “Will your administration support court-packing? Yes or no?” “Will you condemn Antifa? Will Biden?” “Why did you say you were proud of alleged rapist Jacob Blake, and call for the police officers to be prosecuted?” Seriously, these were 24 excellent questions — we could only hope Pence would go off-script to make sure they’re all asked.

Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak has a similar thread, and he’s concerned with what he’s heard about Pence’s debate prep. Pollak is offering some last-minute tips for Pence. It’s too late, but that’s a shame, because these too are great points.

Remember? Harris even had the T-shirts ready to go on her campaign store timed to go up just when she delivered that “That little girl was me” line in the primary debates.

In case you don’t remember, David Daleiden was the man responsible for those undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of baby parts. Harris was California’s attorney general at the time and got the prosecution rolling before running for senator and handing the case over to her successor. Meanwhile, she hosted a fundraising page for Planned Parenthood on her Senate campaign website — no conflict there.

Trump might have come across as rude during the first debate, but he made sure he got the issues he wanted to talk about out there.

The ticket for Harris’ “greatest rapper alive” is a nice zinger, but it’s not going to change any votes.


“Harris cackling” is guaranteed to be on tonight’s drinking game for the debate.


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