For the record, it was Nov. 27, 2017, when Keith Olbermann said he was “retiring from political commentary in all media venues.” “No illness, no scandal, no firing,” he said, concluding, “I’ve said what I had to say.”

Now we’re hearing from Olbermann that he’s quit his gig at ESPN so that he’s free to talk about whatever he wants on his YouTube show, which he considers serving his country.

Jessica Chasmar reports at The Washington Times:

Mr. Olbermann, a former MSNBC host and GQ correspondent who once penned “176 Reasons” why Mr. Trump shouldn’t be president, said he will no longer be restricted by ESPN’s rules restricting political commentary during his new daily show on YouTube.

“I have adhered, I hope, to their desire for their sportscasters to refrain from purely political commentary, which is an approach with which I largely agree with anyway,” he said in the video, naming ESPN President James Pitaro and top executive Norby Williamson.“

They have now agreed with my desire to go and serve my country the best way I know how, which is by focusing my energy on political commentary,” he continued. “I’ll be doing a new, live daily commentary series with YouTube, focused on the presidential election called, ‘The Worst Person in the World.’”

Serving the country the best way he knows how is doing his YouTube show from his basement? We know this whole story is bogus because there’s no way ESPN has rules “restricting political commentary.”

Looks like Olbermann could only hold out for so long before putting in his two cents again.


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