Of course, you remember that the 24-hour news cycle after the first presidential debate was dedicated to the headline, “President Trump refuses to condemn white supremacist groups at debate,” even though when asked if he would, the first word out of his mouth was, “Sure.” Trump probably could have answered the question more unequivocably (those he’s condemned white supremacists plenty of times in the past), but he was more interested in getting Joe Biden’s reaction to Antifa, which Biden dismissed as an “idea” and not an organization.

In his speech at Gettysburg Tuesday, Biden talked about uniting this house divided against itself, but he also circled back and came out strongly against those armed militias and white supremacist groups that are “menacing our communities” by laying siege to federal buildings, shooting at people who try to go around their human roadblocks, and marching into suburban neighborhoods at night with megaphones, shining lights into windows and threatening to burn down homes with American flags.

We mean, just check out these white supremacists pouring into residential neighborhoods, written up in the right-wing New York Times:

Mr. [Terrance] Moses was initially not sure what the protesters were upset about, but as he got closer, he saw it: His neighbors had an American flag on display.

“It went from a peaceful march, calling out the names, to all of a sudden, bang, ‘How dare you fly the American flag?’” said Mr. Moses, who is Black and runs a nonprofit group in the Portland, Ore., area. “They said take it down. They wouldn’t leave. They said they’re going to come back and burn the house down.”

But it’s those armed militias with their guns that they never actually fire that are the concern of Biden.

Yes, it was racist Trump supporters who embedded themselves with Antifa and set fires and smashed windows and looted businesses to shift the blame. This guy’s got one movie in his head and it’s that tiki-torch march in Charlottesville (that Trump condemned) — he seems utterly unaware of anything that’s happened since then.