Joe Biden left his basement Tuesday and, without a mask, delivered remarks in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which he says he saw as a great backdrop to talk about unity even as we stand in “a house divided.”

He echoed some of his speech on his Twitter feed:

Speaking of concrete issues, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar noted that Biden’s speech sounded like a sign he wasn’t interested in packing the Supreme Court or ending the filibuster.

Yeah, ask him. At the debate, he wouldn’t answer Chris Wallace’s question whether he’d pack the court if he won, and a couple of days later, he dodged a reporter’s question on the same subject, saying that to answer would be “playing Trump’s game.”

Will he even take questions?

Exactly right.

Hey, remember when President Trump was considering giving his acceptance speech in Gettysburg, and meatheads like Rob Reiner said doing it at Gettysburg would celebrate his devotion to white supremacy?