We were dreading looking at Twitter the day after Tuesday’s debate, fearing what one thing would manage to resonate in the media, and that was President Trump’s “refusal” to condemn white supremacists and right-wing militias. Check out the trending topics on Twitter Wednesday:

MSNBC’s Katy Tur is repeating Joe Biden’s line that you’ve never heard Trump say “one negative thing about white supremacists.”

Reporters also questioned him Wednesday, although it’s funny how no one in the media seems to remember that CNN guest and white supremacist leader Richard Spencer has endorsed Biden.

As Ben Shapiro points out with the transcript to prove it, Trump once again did condemn white supremacy during the debate. “Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?” asked Chris Wallace. “Sure,” Trump answered.

Dave Rubin has a point and it’s a good one: Trump certainly could have come up with something stronger than, “Sure,” seeing as Biden keeps attacking him on this.


Yep, ’cause they’ll take any crumb and run a 24-hour news cycle on it:

Here’s Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott with a supercut from 2019 of all the times Trump’s condemned white supremacists.

It’s all on video and in transcripts for anyone to watch or read … but the narrative must be maintained.


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